1st Annual Lionfish Challenge Akumal On May 18th, 2014

Wondering how to have loads of fun and save the local ecology at the same time? Try Lionfish Challenge in Akumal. On May 18th, 2014 Lionfish challenge will be held in which teams will go out to the sea to hunt Lionfishes. The teams have to turn in their catch at 4.00 pm at the Akumal Dive Center. The judegs will then weigh and measure to declare the winner of the hunt. Same evening, Lol Ha Beach bar will host a free Lionfish Tasting.

1st Annual Lionfish Challenge Akumal On May 18th, 2014

1st Annual Lionfish Challenge Akumal On May 18th, 2014

If you are an experienced Lionfish hunter and would like to register your team or find a team to join, email CEA Akumal at info@ceaakumal.org or call 52 (984) 875 9095. A complete listing of rules and regulations can be found here on the Akumal Lionfish Challenge Facebook event page.

The sole motive of organizing this hunt is more serious than fun. Lionfish is not indigenous to the Caribbean Sea. They were probably introduced by someone or swept in by the hurricanes in Florida. They are normally found in the Indo-Pacific or tropical reefs of the South Pacific Ocean. Although beautiful, these fishes are quite harmful to the coral reefs of Akumal. Lionfish is a predator and sit at the top of the food chain with no enemy to restrain their population. Since they are voracious eaters they are the foremost reason for the depletion of reef fish, lobsters, snapper etc. Lionfish proliferate quickly overwhelming the other marine species.

Thus to ensure that Akumal’s famed coral reef survives this onslaught, the Annual Lionfish Challenge is being held. This way not only Lionfish population is restricted, you also get to enjoy the lip-smacking lionfish dishes.

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