Akumal Real Estate, Can We stay in Vacation Condos in Akumal?

Akumal is a wonderful travel destination with so many offerings for tourists. Initially a popular destination for day tours, it is now transforming into a prominent vacation destination. Many tourists are now opting to spend weeks in Akumal with family to soak every element of it. Spending the vacation in a condo or casita on the beach with a kitchen is a great idea. Therefore visitors make sure that they have through knowledge of it beforehand.

Some of the options which can be considered are as follows:

  • Half Moon Bay at the Vista Del Mar, a nice place located close to La Buena Vida.
  • Condo in Playa Blanca also offers great services at an affordable price.
  • La Joya Studio.
  • Playa Caribe casitas.
  • Yal Ku Cai casita.

Visitors can browse Akumal vacation condos for a wider variety.  Living in a vacation condo with a Kitchen means you can also cook. For this you will require groceries.  Although the number of grocery stores in Akumal is few, yet they are well stocked. Tourists are sure to find their requirements in them.

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  1. Juan Pablo says:

    Good afternoon Mr Cowell

    I was browsing the internet and I saw your website and I am very interested to know more about the property Yalku Cai Casita, the name caught me and want to know more about it. It is a villa or condo.?

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