Akumal – The Best Destination For Snorkeling

The popular travelling website Tripadvisor was flooded with enquiries about which is the best place to go for snorkeling, is it Akumal or Cozumel. Read on to find out which destination you should consider visiting.

In Mexico, there are many spots where one of the major attractions is to go for snorkeling. One of them is Puerto Morelos. It is the easiest and while all snorkel experiences change with conditions, Puerto Morelos is quite same. There is so much to see and one can go out by boat which is cheap. The reef in Puerto Morelos is shallow and you can be closer to nature.  Then there is Cozumel famous for diving. But Akumal is famous for turtles when compared to Puerto Morelos and Cozumel.

The little beach town of Akumal attracts tourists who love snorkeling with endangered green sea turtles. Interestingly, you don’t need to rent a boat or even a guide to go snorkeling with the turtles like in the case of Puerto Morelos. Turtles are a short swim away. The ocean floor at Akumal is covered with sea grass, one of the turtles’ favorite foods. The turtles hang out there for hours in the bay, casually munching on the grass. Aside from turtles, there isn’t much other marine life in the shallow waters of Akumal Bay.

You can reach Akumal for a wonderful experience from Playa del Carmen by collectivo. Collectivos are small, so if you have a lot of luggage, you may want to take a bus or taxi. The collective from Playa del Carmen will usually drop you off by the pedestrian overpass on the highway. Cross over the overpass and keep following the road and you’ll be on the beach. If the collectivo drops you off in Akumal town, you will have to just follow the road back across the highway. Another option for getting to Akumal from Playa is to take a bus. The ADO buses do not stop in Akumal, so you’ll need to take a second class Mayab bus.

After reaching Akumal, you can rent snorkels, fins and masks right in the bay. You’ll need to bring your own towels, ID and a deposit. The dive sites also rent lockers.

So, get your snorkeling gears and dive in to enjoy the clear waters with turtles.

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