An Interesting Fact About Coba

Coba is a popular destination in Riviera Maya region. It is one of the architectural highlights dotting this ancient and glorious country. I recently stumbled upon an article: Coba, ruled by women – highest pyramid of Yucatan at the Riviera Maya.

Coba is just 40 km from Tulum and is the tallest Mayan pyramid (42 meters) in Yucatan. Its location is also very magnificent as it is surrounded by dense tropical forests. It makes worthwhile to visit it if you are in the region especially considering the fact that you can even climb on it (if yuo’re fit enough!)

There is an interesting fact about Coba which I am sure would please many femenists – Coba was ruled by women.

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  1. Hello Martin, thank you so much for mentioning my post about Coba. It’s a real interesting fact, that Coba had many more female rulers than other Mayan cities. 🙂 Crischo

  2. Thanks for dropping by Crischo and for the great article!


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