Are there any secluded quiet beaches in Akumal?

Akumal or “place of the turtles” in the Mayan language is a small beach-front tourist resort community in Mexico. Tourists flock to this region to snorkel with turtles and relax on the serene beaches. The growing popularity of the region has been attracting crowd for quite some time now.

For those who want private and secluded options, there are still many options. The long stretch of pristine coastline line with palm trees makes way for beautiful spots to lounge in. the beaches get crowded during the holiday season however the southern part of the region remains empty comparatively.

Visitors can venture in Xcacel which lies ten minutes south of the Akumal bay and Xpu Ha located ten minutes away towards north for diving in cenotes. The region has such hidden natural marvels which can be easily accessed for quality fun time. As the heart of the town is more popular among tourists therefore it is bound to be the center of the attraction with huge inflow. Therefore treading on such offbeat tracks leads to nature in its most glorious form.

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