Cancun issues ‘Code of Conduct’ for Spring Break revelers

Cancun is one of the few destinations in Mexico which has the infrastructure and tourist culture of a first world country. Cancun was built primarily for tourism and since its inception, it has become the Spring Break capital for the U.S. students.

 Cancun issues ‘Code of Conduct’ for Spring Break revelers
Cancun issues ‘Code of Conduct’ for Spring Break revelers

As spring approaches, students from USA converge on Cancun to celebrate Spring Break to revel in the sun and sand with free flow of booze. For 2013, The CVB, Conventions and Visitors Bureau and Associations have estimated that over 15,000 students from America and Canada will visit the city for the upcoming Spring Break season.

With a potent mix of alcohol, age, beach and fun, very often trouble brews up at this paradise. In order to avoid such ugly flare-ups, The City Tourism Office has issued a code of conduct for all spring breakers visiting the destination.  As a part of the campaign to ensure tourists’ safety, the code of conduct printed out on flyers will be handed out in the airport to the tourists.

The code of conduct lays down the guidelines such as moderate drinking, adherence to street signage and other safety rules.

To ensure that students are aware of this code of conduct, on their arrival at the Benito Juarez International Airport, will be requested to read the code which lists the laws governing drinking, drugs and public nudity along with the and penalties for violations. The students will have to sign the document stating that they have been warned and have understood them.

With such a step, authorities hope that the season will go smoothly for them as well as the thousands of tourists descending upon Cancun. Cancun is the business and travel hub of the region which includes Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal.

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