Akumal Real Estate

Away from the hustle bustle of the city is a low-key, get-away-from-it-all destination name Akumal. This small town is adapting to modernity and transforming into a major tourist hub. With glorious white coastal strip, beautiful reefs and cenotes this destination attracts scuba divers, honeymooners, families from all over the world.

Akumal is considered to be a diver’s paradise as the water remains calm most of the time. Even amateurs have a great time in the water here as it so clear that it is possible to see fishes from the surface. It has warm tropical climate which makes it an apt choice for those who want to escape the cruel winters.

Akumal in Maya means land of turtles and this place is indeed loved by turtles. Infact the region is among the few turtle nesting grounds in the world. Every year from May to October, sea turtles come here to give birth to new lives. It is a major tourist attraction as many desire to witness this majestic wonder of nature and experience the thrill of snorkeling beside them.

The region is located approximately 50 miles south of the Cancun International Airport hence it is quite accessible. It offers a Caribbean laid-back lifestyle and tranquility is its USP. Being a calm and peaceful destination, it is the perfect place to relax and re-wind. The coastline offers a great opportunity to experience marine life. Akumal with a beautiful ocean, gorgeous reefs, incredible jungle spots and many nearby archeological sites is a perfect all inclusive destination.

The tranquility of Akumal is turning to be a major attraction hence it has accelerated the tourist inflow. To keep up with the demand, the region is also upgrading to an entirely new level of luxurious living. The location was always picturesque and now with world class infrastructural developments it is turning into a dream destination.

This quiet little town on the Riviera Maya’s Half Moon Bay has also found its way into various travel magazines. The publications believe that is the best kept secret of Mexico. There is just no hurry for anything in this region. One can afford luxury of time here and soak as much as it offers. It is the perfect place to experience nature so closely and at its own sweet pace. Be it snorkeling in the gorgeous waters or relaxing among the palm-lined white sandy beach, Akumal has everything splendid to offer.

Akumal real estate destination is fast emerging as the alternative to Playa del Carmen as it offers peace, solitude and gorgeous scenery.

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