Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Mexico might be synonymous to Cancun and Playa del Carmen but none can deny the fact that all good things comes in small packages. One such nature’s wonder is Puerto Morelos which is ironically nestled between the bustling cities of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. But this doesn’t mean that this small town has got lost in the glamor and glitters of these major cities. It is in fact popular as “La Joya del Caribe” or Jewel of the Caribbean. One can visit this little paradise by boarding buses that leave from the ADO bus station on Playa’s Fifth Avenue or availing taxi facility.

Dull moments seldom find any room in Puerto Morelos as everything about this destination is so bright and cheerful. The most happening or hot spot in Puerto Morelos is the town square known as the Zocalo. It is right in the heart of the town with the ocean flowing happily alongside. It is the center for numerous restaurants, a few bars, souvenir shops, a charming central church and a dive shop. This area is always beaming with life and activities. This charming Mexican fishing village is a postcard perfect destination offering great gastronomical expeditions. Once can titillate their taste buds to fresh seafood and local treats. The area also features fine dining options with extensive menu covering international cuisines.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef which is located just a short distance off shore is a major tourist attraction. Visitors enjoy exploring the reef for gorgeous corals and variety of marine life. It is indeed a spectacular sight as one can feel nature’s most beautiful creations so up and close. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System also known as the Belize Barrier Reef begins near Cancun and continues along the whole length of the Riviera Maya continuing southward to Guatemala. This barrier reef system is the second longest in the world.

To be in Mexico and not indulge in some water sports won’t be fair for any. Puerto Morelos has bright blue water and calm waves making it perfect for a swim. On can either laze on the soft sparkling white beach and watch the sun sink into the Caribbean Sea, an experience which is definitely worth gaining. To facilitate the viewing and soaking of the Mexican sun many restaurants in the town have rooftop or terrace lunching or dining option. One can enjoy exclusive Caribbean views lined with small tour boats along the shore while gorging on their delectable palates. One has to be in Puerto Morelos to experience a life which is so colorful and beautiful.

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