Day Trip To Snorkel in Akumal Real Estate

Recently a couple posted a question on TripAdvisor asking about taking a day trip from Playa del Carmen to Akumal to snorkel with the sea turtles. They need to know how far the beach is once they reach Akumal and would also like to know where can they rent in snorkel equipment, lockers and beach chairs from? Plus, they need suggestions on some good places for snacks and drinks.

In response to this query, here is what some experienced travelers had to say about Day Trip To Snorkel in Akumal Real Estate

After getting off the collectivo in Akumal, the walk to the beach is approximately 15 minutes. For snorkeling with turtles, it is advisable to reach Akumal Bay in the morning, by 8 am, as most snorkel tours start from 10 am after which it gets quite crowded. Here, there are 2 dive shops – Lo Ha and Akumal Dive Shop, from where snorkeling equipment can be rented in. While in Akumal, also consider snorkeling in the Yal Kul Lagoon. You can rent in golf carts from Akumal Beach and drive down to Yal Kul Lagoon. The lagoon is great and you can spot lots of fish, both big and small, and get some fantastic pictures. The Lol Ha Snack Bar in Akumal Bay is a nice place to grab a bite. Try the botanero platter at the La Buena Vida on Half Moon Bay. Good enough for two or more people and priced at 135 pesos (roughly), this platter consists of fajita style beef and chicken, beans, guacomole, melted gouda cheese and a big stack of tortillas.

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