Dress Code For Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

As opposed to an authentic Mexican town, Playa del Carmen is a modern, stylish and popular beach holiday destination on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Bikinis are perfectly acceptable at the beach

Bikinis are perfectly acceptable at the beach. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rjayrafael/4625821753/. Playa Del Carmen Beach by rjayrafael, on Flickr

Common questions posed by travelers are, “What to wear in Playa del Carmen?” and “Can I wear bikini at the beach“. The gorgeous beaches of Playa del Carmen attract mainly families and couples, and although some women do go topless, there are, in fact, no certified nude beaches here.

It is true that the ambience of Playa del Carmen is quite carefree and liberal as compared to the other parts of Mexico but it is always a good idea to blend in with the crowd and keep in mind the local customs, attitudes and religious beliefs when choosing your attire in a foreign destination.

Playa del Carmen and neighboring areas have a sub-tropical climate, which means that the weather is pretty hot almost all through the year, or at least warm. The average annual temperature of the city is around 27-degree Celsius or 80-degree Fahrenheit, with high humidity levels, often around 90%.

The dress code in Playa del Carmen can be best described as ‘casual, easygoing and effortless’. As Playa del Carmen is a fairly hot place, so people tend to wear light clothes made from cotton and other natural fibers. Read Beauty and the Beach – Look stylish on your next Akumal Beach Vacation!. Most people are seen in t-shirts tops teamed with a pair of casual sandals. A hat or cap is extremely important to protect you from the glaring Caribbean sun. For a winter visit, a light sweater or jacket and jeans will be of good use. A rain jacket is a must-have item in Playa del Carmen for most of the year.

Casual clothing is the norm in Playa del Carmen

Casual clothing is the norm in Playa del Carmen. Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bsabarnowl/4355519358/

Keeping in mind the easygoing aura of Playa del Carmen, formal clothes like a suit and a tie for men or cocktail dresses for women are really not needed. Typical beachwear is common on the beach and around the town, whereas “dressy casual” wear is perfect to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife in. But if you plan to visit the rural areas or the ruin sites, it will be a sensible idea to put on slightly more you’re your bathing suit.

On weekends, more Mexicans throng to the beach to sit back and loosen up with the entire family. During this time too, it is recommended to cover up.

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