Feasibility of walk from Yak-ul lagoon to Akumal bay?

Akumal is the perfect diving and family destination in the heart of the Riviera Maya. The region has a stunning barrier reef, longest in the western hemisphere and one of the most elaborate coral structures on the planet. With such fabulous natural setting a walk would definitely cover the best of the area. One such visitor is interested in knowing about the feasibility of walking from Yak-ul lagoon to Akumal bay with two children. They want to take a taxi to the lagoon in early morning then walk to Akumal bay for turtle swim. They plan to take taxi on the way back to their resort.

Suggestions by fellow travelers agree that it is a good plan. There will be a quiet beach road with jungle for the most part of the walk. They can also catch a glimpse of the Half-moon bay along the way with a natural stopping point about halfway at La Buena Vida. There are also few access points to the ironshore sections of shoreline that are home to fossils and iguanas. For those on a short trip this isn’t available as walk it a bit time consuming. But for those with ample of time, a walk should be undertaken to experience the best of Akumal.

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