Going To Akumal – Pests, Pesos and Weather in November

One traveler on Tripadvisor is going to visit Akumal and had some good questions regarding her trip. One was regarding pesos or dollar which every tourist seems to have. Other question was about a DEET mosquito repellent and the third one was about the Akumal’s weather in November.

Pesos or Dollar: The common advice to take pesos as it is acceptable everywhere easily. Tipping for various services become easier. Over a period of time pesos saves quite of money as tourists get stuff at better prices in pesos.

Mosquito Repellents: A DEET based mosquito repellent in form of cream o spray is very useful in a place like Akumal, Mexico. These can be bought in the local stores.

Akumal’s weather in November: After the sunset, the temperature dips a bit and winds also become stronger. The days are hot and sunny even in November.

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