How To Reach Tulum

Tripadvisor – the popular travel website gets flooded with queries for Tulum and one of them being how to reach Tulum from Grand Palladium. Read on to know more…

When at Palladium, there many options which you can explore. Mainly there is Tulum, the historical town and then there is Akumal, the perfect beach and snorkeling getaway. If you and your little ones love their history, they would definitely fall in love with the ruins of Tulum. You can hire a cab from outside the Palladium. If you book a cab from inside the resort, you will not be able to bargain your way to Tulum. You will find the ruins by the highway about 1 km further into town, and the main beach area is 2 km from town with 5 miles of pristine beaches, small hotels and restaurants and beach bars to sooth your nerves. It is quite a fun if you go for the collectivo, but there is a bit of a walk from where the collectivo drops you off. You have to talk the bridge back over the highway and then walk down the street into the town.

On the other hand, you may find Tulum to be very hot and boring if not into history and archaeology. Then head towards Akumal Bay in a colectivo or taxi. It’s a very nice place where the kids can enjoy.  Akumal has beach, restaurants, shopping in a close area and far lesser hot than Tulum. You can also hire a golf cart tour to Half Moon Bay or Yal-Ku Lagoon. A cab ride from the resort to Akumal should cost you $10. But you will have to bargain a lot but it’s worth it as it is basically the same cost as the collectivo but less walking.

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Whichever destination you choose to explore from Palladium, make sure to have loads of fun even if you feel tired after walking. Hold hands and start on an interesting journey.

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