Is a Snorkel Guide Mandatory In Akumal?

Is a Snorkel Guide Mandatory In Akumal?

Is a Snorkel Guide Mandatory In Akumal?

Recently someone posted a question on TripAdvisor asking about what all is required to snorkel in Akumal Bay. Though this traveler has visited Akumal twice in the past he needs to know about the current snorkel situation there as he has heard that now it is compulsory to get a snorkel guide in Akumal Bay. Also, he will be carrying his own snorkeling equipment but has been told that there are guys on the beach checking wristbands that are given out to snorkelers from the dive shop. Does all this information hold true?

In response to this query, here is what some experienced travelers had to say about snorkel guide in Akumal

It is not necessary to hire a guide for your snorkeling adventure in the Akumal Bay. It could be that some pushy guides are spreading this information in order to sell their services. If you are not carrying your snorkeling gear with you, you can rent it in from the dive shop. Over the last few years Akumal has rapidly emerged as a popular snorkeling destination and has drawn visitors from all across the world. Unfortunately, some of these visitors disregard the natural environment of the area causing damage to the corals and turtles. In order to put an end to this situation and get more control over the area, the authorities adopted certain precautionary measures but those are hardly being enforced. Even today, you do not need a snorkel guide in Akumal Bay nor are the wristbands compulsory to snorkel in Akumal Bay.

Due to over-crowding and large scale snorkeling endangering the coral reef and turtles, certain restrictions were placed by CEA. Nevertheless, Akumal is still is the destination of choice for snorkeling for people from all over the world. appeals to all snorkelers to be more respectful of the nature’s bounty and treat it with the care it deserves. This way. Akumal Bay and its marine wildlife will be conserved for our future generations.

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