Is Cancun Safe for Tourists?

Is Cancun Safe?

Is Cancun Safe?

Recently a worried traveler posted a question on Tripadvisor asking if Cancun, Mexico is a safe place to visit. The traveler plans to visit Cancun with a friend, but her parents are very concerned and keep sending her links of sites showing crime in Mexico. This has gotten her worried to the extent that she is planning to stay within the resort the whole time and not venture out in Cancun! She needs to know, that in terms on safety, if there is any reason to worry at all while visiting Cancun, Mexico.

In reply to this, here’s what some travelers had to say:

Cancun is a whole lot safer than any medium-sized city in the US. Most travelers say that they have been to Cancun several times, never ever felt unsafe and thoroughly enjoyed their trips. In fact, Cancun feels a lot safer compared to the other places that they have visited across the world. Mexico is a huge country. It is absolutely wrong to refer to the entire country as “unsafe”. Read up and be informed. Mexican states like Baja California Sur, Guanajuato, Campeche, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo and the Yucatan are very safe and have absolutely no travel advisories issued on them by the US State Department. Cancun is absolutely unaffected by the drug cartels that operate in certain parts of Mexico. The cartel’s do not want attention which is why they stay away from tourist areas like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta etc. Depending on your budget you could either put up in downtown Cancun or in the pricey hotel zone area. Both the options are perfectly safe. To be extra careful, stay in the tourist areas and don’t wander off into unknown areas. Also, leave valuables at home or in your hotel’s safe and do not carry large amounts of cash. Exploring Cancun in a bus is a great adventure and also absolutely safe. Thousands of expats living in Cancun homes can vouch for its safety.

Cancun is as safe as it can be. Choosing to stay within the hotel and not exploring this fantastic town would be a big mistake.


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