It’s Always Party Time In Mexico

Mexico is a nation that loves to party! The country organizes splendid events and festivals throughout the year. Catch one and you are sure to come back with wonderful memories of your stay in this vibrant country.

Read on for our comprehensive guide to the 9 best events happening in Mexico all through the year:


Dia de la Candelaria

Dia de la Candelaria or Candlemas, is celebrated all across Mexico on the 2nd of February. On this day, Mexicans get together with family and friends to eat tamales. Thousands of people assemble in the riverside town of Tlacotalpan to revel in the festivities that feature a magnificent image of the Virgin being floated down the river. In towns like Tlacotalpan and Veracruz, Candlemas is celebrated in a big way with parades and bullfights. But the most memorable part is the Son Jarocho festival, a 3-day event, which happens during the same time and exhibits conventional Veracruz-style music.

Festival de Mexico

Organized in mid-March, most of the hullabaloo for this 2-week event unravels in Mexico City’s downtown Historic Center. Roughly 50 venues sprinkled throughout the city present the very best in national and international acts, including opera, dance, music and theater.

Festival Internacional Cervantino

Every year in October, the vibrant and bustling colonial city of Guanajuato presents the annual Festival Cervantino (Cervantino Festival). This cultural festival, funded by the State, is one of the main arts and cultural festivals in Mexico and Latin America. It promotes performing arts from all across the globe including opera, theater, visual arts, contemporary dance, film and literature along with a variety of conferences, exhibits and workshops. Plazas, churches, historical buildings and even museum spaces act as venues for these events.

Long ago, this was a rather a small festival celebrated in honor of Spanish novelist Miguel Cervantes, (of Don Quijote fame), but in present times the the Cervantino has transformed into one of Latin America’s premier arts spectacle.

Morelia International Film Festival

Every year, the Morelia Film Fest (FICM) honors the career of an eminent figure from Mexican cinema born in Michoacan. The festival’s mission is to bring together filmmakers, the public and the international film community. This festival stages work of new and upcoming talents in Mexican cinema and puts up an incomparable display of all the treasure that Michoacan has to offer. Funky bars and sidewalk cafes are brimming with activity around the main square, where crowds assemble at night for open-air screenings and other cultural events. Worshops, conferences, open-air performances, movie cylcles and exhibitions are organized in Morelia, Patzcuaro and Mexico City. With so much happening, there is no doubt that the Morelia International Film Festival is the ultimate choice for film buffs and lovers of culture.


Carnaval celebrations in Mexico are some of the most cheerful and vivacious you will find anywhere else (Read about Cozumel Carnaval). Held the week before Ash Wednesday, the dates for Carnaval vary from year to year just like the dates for Easter. The Carnaval celebrations in Mexico feature flamboyant parades, dance performances, live music, carnival games, live entertainment and of course, a whole lot of partying! The biggest Carnaval celebrations take place in Veracruz and Mazatlan. The 9-day event in Veracruz, usually begins in the month of March, which is just the same time when the festivities begin in the town of Mazatlan. You can either shake a leg to the salsa beats in Veracruz or enjoy the brass band sounds of Mazatlan.

Guelaguetza Festival

The noted Guelaguetza festival is held each July in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Locally known as “Los Lunes del Cerro” or ‘Mondays on the Hill’, as most of the festivities take place on two successive Mondays at a large amphitheater situated on top of a hill.  A beautiful cultural event dating back to ancient times, this lively festival lures visitors from all across the world.

Fiestas de Octubre

There is more to Guadalajara than just tequila or mariachis, tequila. Also famous for its vibrant and independent music and arts scene, Guadalajara hosts the Fiestas de Octubre (October festival) presenting live music, a good dealof dancing, never-ending food, carnivals, displayss of art works, markets with more than 700 hawkers, street entertainment and several free events. Much of the action related to the Guadalajara October Festival is centered around the Benito Juarez Auditorium.

Fiesta de Santa Cecilia

In Mexico City, every year on the 22nd of November, tribute is paid to St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. Mariachi bands and musicians from regions in northern Mexico and Veracruz get together in Plaza Garibaldi for an open-air party which involves drinks, dancing and singing.

La Morisma

Usually held on the last weekend in August in the colonial town of Zacatecas, La Morisma features a fabulous make-believe battle as a tribute to the victory of the Christians over the Muslims in old Spain. Two battling armies, with more than 2000 participants and accompanied by bands of musicians, parade through the streets in the morning and then act out two battle sequences.

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