Jogging on Playa del Carmen Beach?

Jogging or walking on the beach is one of the most therapeutic activities. More than physical, a relaxed jog or a walk on the beach during sunrise, freshens me up. I always look forward to my mornings. And I am not the only one.

A traveler who is planning to visit Playa del Carmen will be staying at Riu Palace Playa del Carmen Maya. He asked on best option between the beach or street jog. He also wants to know if the side walks are cobbled or flat.

Jogging on Playa del Carmen Beach?

Jogging on Playa del Carmen Beach?

Fellow travelers suggested that the jogging on the beach is a good option. There is miles of beach for an exhilarating run or walk One traveler also said that they jog through Playacar every once in a while when on a vacation.


Sidewalks are also picturesque and easy to jog as the they are made of concrete.

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