Bosque los Aluxes Penthouse, Playa del Carmen

Bosque de los aluxes penthouse is located in the 5th av and 34th street, it has a beautiful ocean view and solarium with jacuzzi, truly a gem difficult to find in Playa del Carmen. Just meters from coffee shops restaurants and just a glance away from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

This building of modern architecture, and pure lines is in Playa del Carmen, on a 28000 sq.ft. lot at 5th Avenue and 34 Street respecting nature and mingling with the environment through the use of traditional materials thus minimizing the impact. The building was designed with some basic premises in mind: spacious units, privacy, views of each unit, and a direct communication between the balconies and the living room in each unit.

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The building is made up of three volumes connected in the first floor by the El Callejón de los Sueños, a Commercial Area that is actually a continuation of the 5th Avenue. The total built surface area is of 54000 sq.ft, combining the units with very well adapted open areas.

The 16 units are organized in three different types: duplex apartments with three or four bedrooms, duplex apartments with two bedrooms, and simplex apartments of about 970 sq.ft, to 2100 sq.ft. plus deck. El Callejón de los Sueños leads to the general entrance. The building has two circular elevator shafts strategically located in order to connect every unit, wich can be accessed from the parking areas in the first floor.

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