Puerto Morelos vs. Puerto Aventuras : Which One Is Better?

Many travelers and real estate investors ask which one is better – Puerto Morelos or Puerto Aventuras. Both these destinations are diametrically opposite in every way.

Puerto Aventuras is a modern town with new buildings both housing and commercial. It has marinas, condos, luxury villas, a museum and a Dolphinarium (Dolphin Discovery). Its marina is a highlight as one can see main yachts and sport fishermen. For more details go here http://www.iownakumal.com/communities/puerto-aventuras/

Puerto Morelos in contrast is a typical old Mexican town with a town square and a beach. Many resorts make it a perfect place to chill out. It can be a perfect base for exploring to Riviera Maya. It’s also a Caribbean  second home destination for those who want a little less hustle and bustle. Read this for an in-depth information on Puerto Morelos http://www.iownakumal.com/communities/puerto-morelos/

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It boils to your personal taste. if you want an old world charm then go for Puerto Morelos. If you prefer modern luxury, yachts, dolphin discovery and Marina then Puerto Aventuras is more suited to you.

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