Snorkeling At Turtle Bay

Popular travel website Tripadvisor got a query about snorkeling at the Turtle Bay of Akumal Yucatan Peninsula and how to reach. Read on to find out what people had to say and it may answer your doubts too –

To reach Turtle Bay you can either hire a taxi or hop on a collectivo. Taxi will take you right to the beach. collectivo will drop you off on the highway and from there, take the pedestrian overpass to cross the highway and then walk in. You can rent the dive in gear for the surrounding shops and the pricing too is affordable. The snorkel tours start by 10 am, so make sure to reach there early. Ignore the people called piratas who will try and tell you it is the law that you must have a guide. But that is not true, you will only require the guide if it’s an organized tour.  Act like you know what you are doing and get far from them and start snorkeling peacefully.

Snorkeling at the Turtle Bay is one thing where you need to keep your patience and concentrate, so any crowd will disturb you. You will find lots of over enthusiastic fellow snorkelers who will bump and run into you. Find a lone spot and concentrate for 5 minutes, your eyes will become accustomed, and you will be able to see turtles. Best things come to you in the ocean, when you just let them, don’t race around chasing what you think you are going to miss.

Turtles begin laying eggs in late May until September (at darkness – bring a red flashlight which will not disturb them). It takes 55-60 days to hatch (late July to early November). You can also swim around them. Turtles in Akumal Bay live there year around and eat turtle grass. If you want to see turtle hatchings you will have to coordinate with CEA. Sometimes if a nest hatches during the day, the CEA volunteers collect the turtles and then release them later around dusk, so it is harder for their predators to see them.

Get your snorkeling gears and to head to Turtle Bay with your family.

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