New Taqueria in Akumal

For all the food lover, Mexico is one destination which is not to be missed. Mexico has a rich and old tradition of exotic foods which are famous the world over. We had previously covered top 15 dishes of Mexico.

El Comal Akumal

Recently, chef Daveed, has opened El Comal Akumal, a new taqueria (Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos) in Akumal. You can partake delicious authentic Mexican tacos and tortasmade with home-style recipes from his grandmother’s kitchen. Guisadas (taco and torta fillings) change daily. So if you’re in Akumal for vacations in November then don’t forget this taqueria.


Going To Akumal – Pests, Pesos and Weather in November

One traveler on Tripadvisor is going to visit Akumal and had some good questions regarding her trip. One was regarding pesos or dollar which every tourist seems to have. Other question was about a DEET mosquito repellent and the third one was about the Akumal’s weather in November.

Pesos or Dollar: The common advice to take pesos as it is acceptable everywhere easily. Tipping for various services become easier. Over a period of time pesos saves quite of money as tourists get stuff at better prices in pesos.

Mosquito Repellents: A DEET based mosquito repellent in form of cream o spray is very useful in a place like Akumal, Mexico. These can be bought in the local stores.

Akumal’s weather in November: After the sunset, the temperature dips a bit and winds also become stronger. The days are hot and sunny even in November.

Video: Akumal Turtles

As you may know from my posts,  we are very passionate about our sea turtles in Akumal. Here is a beautiful video of Turtles in Akumal in their natural habitat.

These wonderful creatures are God’s gift to this blessed town of Akumal. I strongly urge every tourist to respect turtles and contribute to their conservation efforts.

Migration To Mexico! No More Lopsided

A news item in NYTimes has shown interesting facts. The expat population in Mexico has nearly doubled in the last decade. The biggest contributor country-wise has been USA, followed by Canada.

Figures for permanent and temporary residents in Mexico by region of origin:

USA: 68,351
Canada: 13,579
Europe: 61,840
Central America: 31,110
South America: 71,786
Caribbean: 17,043
Asia: 35,280

Migration To mexico

Migration To mexico

Most of the expat population stays in tourist region of Mexico such as Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Akumal in Riviera Maya region.

Here are link to the article:

Private Transfer or Shuttle On Your Akumal Vacation?


Many visitors to Akumal have questions regarding reaching their Hotel in Akumal from the Airport and back to the Airport at the end of their vacations.

A poster asked the question on this subject on Tripadvisor forum. He wanted to have an opinion on his decision to opt for private transfer from the airport to his Akumal hotel and using the coach included in his ticket.

Many experienced travellers chimed in with their valuable suggestions. Majority of the opinion was that though there is nothing wrong with the plan there are certain hardships and compromises involved with taking a shuttle on your way back to the airport from the Akumal Resort.

If your hotel is far away from the airport then you may have to leave early to catch the shuttle. One poster recounted her experience in which she opted for private transfer. The coach left 90 minutes before she did and still reached after her. So she enjoyed an empty check-in desk. The shuttle will make multiple stops to collect people from other resorts on route. Once you reach the airport many people will de-board the bus and there will be rush at the check-in desk.

Another poster also mentioned that those taking coach had to miss their breakfast. The overall view was that tour operator buses are very hectic and not for those with a family and kids. Private transfers are much more comfortable, hassle free and time saving option.

This photo of Canada Transfers – Private Tours is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Important News: Akumal Beach Access Restriction Questions Answered

Of late there has been a lot of heartburn over reported news of restrictions placed on the access to the Main Bay in Akumal. The earlier entrance has been closed and new path has been earmarked for people. CEA – CEA Centro Ecológico Akumal has sought to remove any confusion such steps have confused in the minds of the Akumal residents and Tourists alike.

Here is the message posted on


In an effort to clarify certain issues that are affecting Akumal and Centro Ecológico Akumal at this time, we submit the following information.

Akumal Bay is being destroyed from massive snorkel tourism, and related bad snorkeling and marine recreation practices (grabbing sea turtles, standing on coral, poaching sea turtle nests, illegal vendors, shoddy equipment, molesting visitors). Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA), the hotels, and dive shops are working to revert this situation through better control of the beachfront properties and by implementing an integrated bay management program.

1. CEA owns the land on which its offices are located; from the middle of the road between Super Chomak / Hotel Club Akumal Caribe and El Pueblito in the south / east, and El Pueblito and the federal zone of the beach (east / west) and Taj-Kumal and the mangrove to the west / north.

2. CEA has owned this land since 1973, first in a bank trust as Club de Yates Akumal, and since 1993, as Centro Ukana I Akumal, A.C., better known as Centro Ecológico Akumal, and with direct title.

3. CEA land is not an official public access site of Akumal; the public entrance is further south.

4. In the past, CEA had no need to control its property as it does now. Today, we witness multitudes of tours (legal and illegal) commercially using CEA property to take tours to Akumal Bay; also there are robberies; drug sales; illegal merchants on the federal zone; violence; basic insecurity, due to lack of control of our property.

5. CEA cannot and is not “privatizing” Akumal beach; it is demanding that the government respect its constitutional rights as land owner and Mexican civil association. Several business interests are attempting to take over CEA land and they are being supported by certain municipal government representatives.

6. CEA is changing the location of access across its property to a more secure and controlled site, and IS NOT denying access to the local population. CEA will guarantees free access to Akumal and Chemuyil citizens and residents. CEA has the legal right to determine what businesses use its property and is asking for that right to be upheld.

7. CEA is working with the local hotels, dive shops and tour operators to update and implement a management plan for Akumal bay, with the help of federal authorities and within the federal legal framework for ecosystem and species protection. However, this plan cannot work if the uncontrolled number of commercial tours continues to enter the bay each day.

8. All properties and resident dive shops support and agree to work within the parameters of the integrated bay management program.

Beauty and the Beach – Look stylish on your next Akumal Beach Vacation!

Beauty and the Beach – Look stylish on your next Akumal Beach Vacation!

Beauty and the Beach – Look stylish on your next Akumal Beach Vacation!

City weekends and mountain getaways have their charm, but nothing spells relaxation and fun like a beach vacation.

So if you’re heading to the stunning beaches of Akumal, Mexico this summer, it’s time to ensure you are ready to bare some skin! Don’t fret. Here’s our get-gorgeous guide to ensure you turn heads on the beach this spring-break:

1. Look Beach-Ready – Exercise and Eat Healthy

If you have been postponing your workout plans, now is a good to start making healthier choices. You’ll feel and look better. Walk more, enroll yourself in the gym, lace up your running shoes and switch to healthier eating. Increase your intake of fresh foods and skip the processed stuff. Drinking lots of water is also a must for a better body.

2. Give Your Skin a Good Scrub & Moisturize

Scrubbing your skin is key for looking beach-ready. A smooth and a polished body looks much healthier and nicer in a swimsuit. So say goodbye to dry skin and exfoliate your body from head-to-toe at least once a week. Follow it up with a good moisturizer for that super soft and glowing skin. You will be envied!

3. Swimsuits

Whether a skimpy bikini or a more conservative one-piece, the swimsuit is of utmost importance when it comes to making a style statement on the beach. You could go for a strapless bandeau (Yes! They are HOT this season!) with frilled tops and busy patterns. You could also opt for cut-out swimsuits or monokinis that are great for showing off your curves. For the more conservative sun-worshipers, the 50’s inspired high-waisted bikinis are an absolute winner. What’s hot: Bright colors, wild animal prints (leopard prints in all shades, zigzagging zebra patterns and even foxy giraffe prints), sporty silhouettes and geometric patterns.

Invest in a stylish bikini for lounging and chilling around on the beach and an active, sporty one such as a tankini or a one-piece to indulge in all the water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling etc that the Mexico beaches have to offer. Don’t just buy for trend, buy one that suits your body type and flatters your figure. Go flaunt!

4. Cover-ups

Not only are cover-ups a stylish solution to protecting your body from the sun but they are also essential for walking to and from the beach, shopping as well as for dining and drinks. They can be in the form of a sarong, mini-skirt, tunic, beach dress or kaftan. You can tie it around your waist, create a halter dress or a long skirt. Some interesting cover-up styles are pullovers, both short and long, some of which can easily double as a dress, pull-on pants, shrugs or pareos.  Pareo is a spunky skirt that you can wrap around your hips. These are available in various lengths ranging from minis to ankle-length, so pick what you like!

5. Use Sun Protection

Keep your skin protected & healthy by making sure you use sunscreen regularly before hitting the beach. Opt for a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Go for SPF 30 (or ideally, higher) and remember to re-apply every time you come back out of the water.

6. Makeup

No one wants to sport cakey make-up on the beach. It can look quite trashy. The key to sophisticated beach make-up is to keep it light. As long as you keep it subtle, there’s no reason to not wear makeup on the beach. Use a light water-proof mascara for your eyes and water-proof eye-liners in fun colors like bright purple, tropical green and electric blue.

Using foundation for a day out on the beach is a major faux-pas. It tends to melt away in the heat making you look washed-out. If you must use concealer, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead. You can also enhance your eyes by wearing sheer, creamy eye shadows.

Instead of lipstick, use a tinted lip balm that will add color and also hydrate your lips. You can also use a cream cheek blush to get that added glow. Just keep your make-up subtle, playful and flirty.

Use bright shades of nail paint for that flawless beachy look.

7. Beach Dresses

These can be worn separately or in combination with a fashionable swimsuit. Form-fitting dresses in transparent materials like chiffon, jersey and mesh or knitted and woven fabrics look hot! Beach dresses in bright and neon colors with floral, exotic and animal prints or stripes are sure to make an impact! With these, you can easily transition from the beach to dinner or a beach bar. Go grab yourself one quick!

8.  Accessories

The key to being stylish at the beaches is to mix and match and accessorize! The must-have beach accessories are a chic tote, oversized sunglasses, a water-proof watch, a large straw hat, big earrings, lots of colorful bracelets and neckpieces.

9. Footwear

Invest in a good pair of shoes that will not only look stylish but also protect your feet from the hot sand. Flip-flops are the best option both for long walks on beach in Akumal. They are easy to slip on and take off and are shoes that you won’t mind getting wet. You could also opt for gladiator sandals or even slides. Paint your toenails a bright summer color like a shade of bright yellow or orange.

Last but not the least, while on the beach, stand up straight and with confidence.  Always remember, nothing is more sexy than confidence!

Akumal Real Estate, Reliable dive operators in Akumal

Akumal is a paradise for divers. The gorgeous water, the colorful marine life and amazing weather make it an enthralling experience. Be it an amateur or an expert, everyone can have equal amount of fun in Akumal waters. But to enhance this experience it is important that one hires a good dive operator.

Some of the operators for diving in Akumal and around who are known for their good service as suggested by travelers are:

  • Natie divers
  • Ivan divers
  • Aldora divers
  • Anita Divers
  • Liquid blue divers

Having an operator makes it easy and safe as supervision is always present. Also they provide useful information and refreshments. Therefore it is suggested that visitors hire a good operator so that the best experience in diving is ensured.

Are there any Cenotes in and around Akumal?

Lying close to the heart of the Riviera Maya, Akumal is located 75 miles south of Cancun along Mexico’s Caribbean Coast.
The healthy coral reefs, underwater caves and placid lagoons brimming with sea life, make Akumal a very attractive destination for fans of snorkeling.

Cenotes Akumal

On Trip Advisor forum, a poster asked about the best cenotes in and around Akumal and info on some organized tours for the same.
The largest concentration of cenotes in the Yucatan surrounds Akumal in the Mayan Riviera. Most prominent cenotes are:

1. Cenote Azul (Open cenote)
2. Cenote El Eden (Open cenote)
3. Tan Kah
4. Dos Ojos Cenote Park
5. Hidden Worlds – Excellent variety of cenotes. It has very knowledgeable and attentive guides. There are several packages available on their website –
6. Aktun Chen – It’s on a smaller scale than the others mentioned so would not take a whole day. The price is reasonable and if you pay online their website offers 20% off.
7. Gran Cenote
8. Jardines

There is no need of an organized tour for most of these cenotes. You can explore at your own pace, stay for as long as you please for under ten dollars.

As a first-timer, if you are looking for an organized tour, you can book one with EdventureTours. Their website is: They can customize a tour for you according to your group size and interests.

What’s the driving distance from Akumal to Puerto Aventuras & Tulum

Located in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, Akumal is noted for its quiet beaches, healthy coral reefs, underwater caves (Cenotes) and opportunities for aquatic adventure. Compared to other Mexican beach destinations, it offers a more relaxed atmosphere free of noisy parties and disco-thumping nightlife.

Akumal is in close proximity to other major tourist destinations like Tulum and Peurto Aventuras which is why most tourists visiting Akumal also visit these hot-spots.

Tulum  is located on the southern stretch of the Mayan Rivera and is most famous for its namesake Mayan ruins. It also has pearly white beaches, turquoise water and plenty of jungle to explore.

Puerto Aventuras is an upscale yet casual gated community located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, perfectly positioned between the exotic city of Tulum and Playa del Carmen. It is known for its beaches, adventure sports, deep-sea fishing, para-sailing, jungles, cenotes and marine life.

On tripadvisor forum a poster asked about the driving distance from Akumal to Tulum and Peurto Aventuras. There was one reply.

The distance between Akumal and Puerto Aventuras is about 14 minutes while Akumal to Tulum is 22 minutes.

With these two world class destinations in such close proximity you don’t have any excuse to not visit.

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