Puerto Morelos To Have World’s Longest Artificial Reef – The Kan-Kanán

Quintana Roo To Have World's Longest Artificial Reef In Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Quintana Roo To Have World’s Longest Artificial Reef In Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo is a nature’s paradise. But over the years it has endured the ravages of commercialization development and tourism. Due to this the natural flora and fauna of the water surrounding it has been severely impacted. In an effort to protect the ecology the construction of the world’s longest artificial reef is underway. The project named The Kan-Kanán aims to be about 1.9 Km long once completed.

The reef will protect the fragile ecosystem off the coast and replenish the natural aquatic habitat of the region which is facing grave danger. According to the experts working on the project the reef will support more than 13,000 species of marine life. The reef will be longer than the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Kan-Kanán project is being constructed near Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos already has the second longest barrier reef in the world. Since the shape of the new artificial reef will be like that of serpent along the coast, hence the name Kan-Kanán, which is the Guarding Serpent in Mayan Mythology.

More than 100 environmentalists, divers, architects and engineers are involved in this ambitious project. The reef will have more than 1,000 hollow concrete pyramids, each weighing 10 tons, which will be placed on a base of concrete and microsilica. The perforated design of the pyramid like structure will house marine wildlife. The reef will also act as a barrier from the water and prevent erosion of the beach.

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Better Snorkeling – Puerto Morelos or Akumal

Recently a young lady on TripAdvisor wanted to know which was the better snorkeling destination between Akumal and Puerto Morelos? She also wanted to know if there are any other good snorkeling sites around Playa del Carmen?

Snorkeling Puerto Morelos or Akumal?

In response to this, here is what some experienced travelers had to say:

Better Snorkeling - Puerto Morelos or Akumal

Better Snorkeling – Puerto Morelos or Akumal

Snorkeling Puerto Morelos or Akumal? Snorkeling with turtles in Akumal is great but the reef at Puerto Morelos has much better diversity. If you have time on hands, you must try both for some lovely experiences. For snorkeling, Akumal does not have the diversity unless you go next door to the Yal-ku Lagoon or Xel-Ha. If you are heading out to Akumal, it will be a good idea to visit the Tulum ruins too.

Puerto Morelos has big and beautiful beaches and is never really too crowded. For reaching Puerto Morelos, you can catch the ADO bus (approx $7.50 each way) or a taxi (approx $50.00 each way). If you opt for the bus ride, once you get off it, you will still need to hire a taxi to take you to the ocean (approx $2). This will be followed by a boat tour through the reef with a guide explaining everything that you see. Just off the square on the Puerto Morelos beach is La Playita, a popular place to grab a bite. Another nice snorkeling site is Cozumel, though it is comparatively more expensive to reach by ferry and also the reef is deeper here so snorkeling is not as up close. For a day full of fun, you can also visit Xcaret, an eco-archaeological park, which has an underground river, lazy river, both bay area & ocean area for snorkeling, small zoo, aviary & much more.

When it comes to the question of snorkeling Puerto Morelos or Akumal, either of the options won’t disappoint you.

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Best Day trips In And Around Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village in Riviera Maya region. Lately, it has emerged as tourist and real estate destination for those looking for a  vacation home owing to beautiful stretch of beach, lush greenery, and proximity to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Akumal. One traveler to ERC in Puerto Morelos asked about possible daytrip when he and his family will be staying at Excellence Riviera Cancun.

Here are the possible recommendations for daytrip in and around Puerto Morelos if you’re putting up in an AI in Puerto Morelos real estate.

  1. The visiting Puerto Morelos real estate is a great option for those interested in snorkeling and diving. One can hire a diving company and snorkel in the reef under professional supervision. These reefs are marine preserve. These tours are restricted to small groups of people and are affordable. If you also want complete relaxation, a day of spa will rejuvenate your tired body and soul. Jungle Spa is a good choice and lot cheaper than the spa at the resorts. If you feel bit adventurous you can also do zip lining. Crococun Zoo in Puerto Morelos is a great way to spend a day with your family amid nature and animals.
  2. Isla Mujeres also provides a different experience. One can take a ferry or even sign up for a Catamaran trip which is very exhilarating.
  3. Tulum has got probably the best beaches plus the ruins which are out of the world. Coba ruins and El Castillo at Tulum on the shore are ruins which are not to be missed. Delphinus Ecopark and Sian Kaan Biosphere Preserve can also be included in a day trip if planned properly
  4. Akumal is also great for snorkeling and cenote diving.
  5. If you and the family like theme parks then Xcaret in Playa del Carmen can be great experience full of fun, adventure, culture and education.

The Riviera Maya Film Festival To Be Held From 9th-15th March

The Riviera Maya Film Festival To Be Held From 9th-15th March

The Riviera Maya Film Festival To Be Held From 9th-15th March

Riviera Maya is fast emerging as the cultural capital of Quintana Roo. Since last two years, Riviera Maya has been hosting the Riviera Maya Film Festival to promote the Mexican film industry, find distributors for the Mexican film by talented film makers and showcase foreign films to the Mexican audiences.

Started in 2012, RMFF has been steadfastly going about its endeavor. Riviera Maya Film Festival has announced its official program of domestic and international films to be screened at this year’s annual event to be held from March 9th to March 15th, 2014. RMFF not only showcases films but also the beautiful beach destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen. No wonder, the festival receives large number of participants from all over the world. In 2014, more than 50 films from 23 countries will be screened during the festival.

The competitive sections of the Festival are Mexican Platform, in which the jury bestows two Kukulkan Awards with prize money of 300,000 MXN each and a Kukulkan Youth Jury Award which carries a prize of 100,000 MXN; the RivieraLAB/Co-production Forum, where two selected projects will receive a financial incentive of 200,000 MXN each; and the RivieraLAB/Work in Progress, where two selected projects will receive a financial incentive of 200,000 MXN each. In total, the Festival grants 1,500,000 MXN in prizes.

The Riviera Maya Film Festival will take place in beach destinations of Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. Below you can find a selection of some of the films which will be shown at the 2014 Riviera Maya Film Festival:

  • A Promise (Director Patrice Leconte, Starring Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman, Richard Madden, Toby Murray)
  • Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas (Director Arnaud des Pallières, Starring Mads Mikkelsen, Delphine Chuillot, David Kross)
  • Grand Central (Director Rebecca Zlotowski, Starring Tahar Rahim, Oliver Gourmet, Léa Seydoux)
  • Hard to Be a God (Director Aleksei German, Starring Leonid Yarmolnik, Dmitriy Vladimirov, Laura Lauri)
  • Holy Field Holy War (Director Lech Kowalski)
  • Night Moves (Director Kelly Reichardt, Starring Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg, Peter Sarsgaard, Alia Shawkat)
  • Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 & Volume 2 (Director Lars von Trier, Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf)
  • Oldboy (Director Spike Lee, Starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson)
  • R100 (Director Hitoshi Matsumoto, Starring Mao Daichi, Lindsay Kay Hayward, Hairi Katagiri, Gin Maeda)
  • Seduced and Abandoned (Director James Toback, Starring Ryan Gosling, Martin Scorsese, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger)
  • The Double (Director Richard Ayoade, Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Sally Hawkins, Mia Wasikowska)
  • Til Madness Do Us Apart (Director Wang Bing)
  • Tip Top (Director Serge Bozon, Starring Isabelle Huppert, Sandrine Kiberlain, Karole Rocher)
  • Why Don´t You Play in Hell (Director Shion Sono, Starring Hiroki Hasegawa, Gen Hoshino, Akihiro Kitamura)

Video: Untainted Beauty of Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is the Jewel of the Caribbean with spectacular beaches. See a short video of this heavenly destination

Puerto Morelos vs. Puerto Aventuras : Which One Is Better?

Many travelers and real estate investors ask which one is better – Puerto Morelos or Puerto Aventuras. Both these destinations are diametrically opposite in every way.

Puerto Aventuras is a modern town with new buildings both housing and commercial. It has marinas, condos, luxury villas, a museum and a Dolphinarium (Dolphin Discovery). Its marina is a highlight as one can see main yachts and sport fishermen. For more details go here http://www.iownakumal.com/communities/puerto-aventuras/

Puerto Morelos in contrast is a typical old Mexican town with a town square and a beach. Many resorts make it a perfect place to chill out. It can be a perfect base for exploring to Riviera Maya. It’s also a Caribbean  second home destination for those who want a little less hustle and bustle. Read this for an in-depth information on Puerto Morelos http://www.iownakumal.com/communities/puerto-morelos/

Read how to decorate your beach home in Puerto Morelos

It boils to your personal taste. if you want an old world charm then go for Puerto Morelos. If you prefer modern luxury, yachts, dolphin discovery and Marina then Puerto Aventuras is more suited to you.