Puerto Morelos To Have World’s Longest Artificial Reef – The Kan-Kanán

Quintana Roo To Have World's Longest Artificial Reef In Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Quintana Roo To Have World’s Longest Artificial Reef In Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo is a nature’s paradise. But over the years it has endured the ravages of commercialization development and tourism. Due to this the natural flora and fauna of the water surrounding it has been severely impacted. In an effort to protect the ecology the construction of the world’s longest artificial reef is underway. The project named The Kan-Kanán aims to be about 1.9 Km long once completed.

The reef will protect the fragile ecosystem off the coast and replenish the natural aquatic habitat of the region which is facing grave danger. According to the experts working on the project the reef will support more than 13,000 species of marine life. The reef will be longer than the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Kan-Kanán project is being constructed near Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos already has the second longest barrier reef in the world. Since the shape of the new artificial reef will be like that of serpent along the coast, hence the name Kan-Kanán, which is the Guarding Serpent in Mayan Mythology.

More than 100 environmentalists, divers, architects and engineers are involved in this ambitious project. The reef will have more than 1,000 hollow concrete pyramids, each weighing 10 tons, which will be placed on a base of concrete and microsilica. The perforated design of the pyramid like structure will house marine wildlife. The reef will also act as a barrier from the water and prevent erosion of the beach.

Photo: http://assets.inhabitat.com/