Usage of traveler’s cheques in Akumal

Tourists generally don’t prefer travelling with much cash these days. Having a lot of cash always attracts unwanted trouble. Also it is like a burden because one has to remain alert all the time. It makes it difficult for tourists to relax as they have to keep a watch on their money. Modern inventions like cheques and ATM’s have eased the tourists from these hassles. However it is to be remembered that technologies turn obsolete in no time. Hence it is best to be upgraded and be informed all the time.

One tourist wants to know whether traveler’s cheque is acceptable while traveling to Akumal. To answer him fellow travelers voiced their experience on the travel site, tripadvisor. They stated the following:

  • Traveler cheques were in use previously but now it is not easy to get it exchanged even in banks.
  • In case some resorts or hotels still uses them, one should check beforehand.
  • The ATM’s of the region can be used seamlessly.
  • US dollars are accepted in the tourist zones only.
  • It is best to carry pesos to save one from any kind of hassle.

Are machine made ice cubes in Akumal safe?

While on a holiday it often happens that the normal routine one maintains while at home goes haywire. Eating out is common on a day with high level consumption of items which are not included in regular intake. These sometimes create minor health issues. Hence some cautious tourists want to make sure that everything that goes in their stomach while they holiday in Akumal is in its pristine condition including ice cubes.

Safety of machine made ice cubes in Akumal

Safety of machine made ice cubes in Akumal

For their information and relief it should be noted that ice cubes are extremely safe to consume. All the resorts all use purified water to make their ice. Also the restaurants, lounges and hotels serve bottled or purified water. Mexican hotels are renowned for their services and they make the best of efforts to deliver quality products.

Using a taxi to Chichen Itza from Grand Bahia Principe

With so much to see in Mexico  one would always prefer the best way to do so. There are many options ranging from organized tours to hiring taxing to even renting cars. Visitors with their specific needs and budgets avail the options best suiting them.
Chichen Itza Photos
This photo of is courtesy of TripAdvisor

One such visitor who is not very keen on availing organized tours wants to know about alternate options. They want to explore the ruins of Chichen Itza and hence hire a taxi from Grand Bahia Principe.

The query was posted on TripAdvisor site inquiring about the idea. Almost all fellow commentators are against this plan as they believe that taxi would be too small and uncomfortable to undertake such a long drive. They should look out for cars as the comfort level will be higher. There are various rental car services available. One can choose from luxury services to regular suiting the budget. Tour buses are also a good option. They may take bit longer but are comfortable. In all there are many options to have a memorable vacation.

Safety around beach areas in Akumal?

With beautiful reefs and cenotes for cave diving, Akumal is considered to be a diver’s paradise. The gorgeous beaches make it irresistible to take plunge into the crystal clear water. However one might be apprehensive about where to leave their belongings as they experience the fun in Mexican waters. Visitors are concerned about the safety of their personal belongings and leaving them on public beaches while away for snorkeling and other such activities.

Photos of Akumal Beach Resort, Akumal
This photo of Akumal Beach Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

A couple visiting Akumal wants to know whether it’s safe to leave non-valuables such as towels, the mesh bag for carrying fins + snorkel, shirt or cover-up, book etc on the public beaches in the area. They also want to know whether they will need water shoes to protect their feet as they walk into the ocean. They have put up their query on tripadvisor site.

They fellow travelers suggested that they shouldn’t worry at all as the beaches are frequented by families and people like the visiting couple. The chances of occurrence of any mis-happening are also rare. The public beach areas are pretty much safe and great place to hang around. And the sand is just so soft that shoes are not necessary for walking.