Tulum Vs. Akumal

A reader posted on TripAdvisor with a query regarding Tulum and Akumal. She will be visiting Riviera Maya with her family and is very excited about beach, Mayan ruins, Mexican culture and food. She plans to preferably rent a beachfront home in Akumal or Tulum but wants something non-touristy. She is still unsure about the differences between Akumal and Tulum. While she prefers Akumal region, she is also very attracted by Tulum’s varied food options. She wanted more information regarding snorkeling, beaches, waves and look & feel of the areas.

The other posters answered with very informative and detailed information which we will summarize for the benefit of our readers.

Tulum has excellent wide, white sandy beaches which stretch for miles. There are big waves and the water is turquoise blue. Tulum’s beaches are one of the best in the world. There are no rocks or turtle grass underwater. Walking on beach is a great idea. Downer is that, Tulum lacks big resorts. It has only small hotels and pricey boutique hotels. The food options are many but that too are bit on the expensive side. If you are Tulum, you can then explore Sian Kaan Biosphere which has a beautiful beach. Tulum Pueblo is many kilometers inland and has more local flavor.

Akumal is perfect for snorkeling as the water there is calm. The reef is nearby. The general look and feel of Akumal is pretty much laidback though it is definitely touristy. There are many hotels in Akumal – Akumal Beach Resort & Hotel Akumal Caribe, Bahia. Akumal also doesn’t lag behind when it comes to restaurants (Check out now eating joint in Akumal) but the options are suitable to American palates.

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