Trip From Akumal To Coba Ruins

Recently someone posted a question on TripAdvisor asking if the Akumal to Coba ruins to Gran Cenote route and back is doable by public transport. Is it necessary to reserve a taxi? Also, are there places on the way where you can stop by to grab a bite?

In response to this, here is what some travelers had to say:

It depends on which of these 3 places you prefer to visit first. From Akumal it is easy to get to Coba using the ADO bus. From Coba the best way to get to Gran cenote is by taxi. It will cost about 300 pesos.  Passengers can also ask the taxi driver to return to pick them up. In case you find a bus going to Tulum you can also get on to that, as the Gran Cenote is just a short, 60 pesos ride away from Tulum. There are also several good eateries in Tulum.

An ADO bus from Coba would pass by but not stop at Gran cenote. A second-class (Mayab) bus will stop at the Gran Cenote if the passenger asks the driver to do so. There is just one ADO bus from Coba to Tulum at 3.10 pm. If you wish return earlier than that and cannot seem to find any Mayab buses or colectivos (vans), you can either get on to a taxi or hitchhike with someone who is going in the same direction. Usually it is not necessary to reserve a taxi. You can catch one in town or maybe some at the ruins in Tulum.

Are There Any Private or Group Tours From Cancun to Chichen Itza

A few days ago a couple posted a question on TripAdvisor asking if there are any reputed Cancun based tour companies in Mexico offering small group tours or even well-priced private tours from Cancun to Chichen Itza and its surrounding areas?

In response to this query, here is what some experienced travelers had to say:

It would be a great idea to either rent a car and drive around on your own or hire car service with a driver and do your own tour! This way you can go at your own pace and explore a lot more in Chichen Itza as well as the surrounding areas. You could also check out the nearby sites of Ek-Balam, Coba and even Tulum! Couples or small groups of friends can also arrange for a small private bus tour, with the driver being the guide. It will be a fun and comfortable long drive and with a guide you will also be able to learn about the rich history of Chichen Itza. These tours make a couple of quick stops for snacks and lunch, and some even stop at a cenote for a short while for those who wish to take a dip!

You can also opt for a private tour with USA Transfers in Cancun, Mexico and beat the mad rush of all the tour buses and get some great pictures! Cancun is a springboard for tourists in Riviera Maya. Cancun is conveniently located and has an international airport because of which many people stay in the city and from there on visit nearby destinations.