What Is The Best Time To Visit Tulum?

Best time to visit Tulum

A fabulous coastline, pristine white sands, jade-green water, refreshing breezes and bright sun, set against the breathtaking backdrop of stunning Mayan Ruins. That’s Tulum. No wonder it is one of the most popular beach destinations of Mexico. If you don’t live in Tulum then you have to choose the best time to visit Tulum. In this post we will help you select the best time.

October to December – The Best Time To Visit Tulum, Mexico
The best time to visit Tulum is between the months of October and December. The hurricane season is over and hotel prices are reasonable. Temperatures are quite comfortable (around the low 80s) and you can also enjoy the post hurricane-season breezes. If you really wish to avoid the crowds though, you should plan your trip towards the beginning of this season as tourists from neighboring areas begin to arrive by early winter. The key events celebrated in the region during this period are: Day of the dead (November 1) and the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival (late November, in Playa del Carmen)

January to March
January to March is peak season in Tulum so be prepared as the ruins and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere will be jam-packed. Plus you will have to nose around to find yourself a good hotel deal during this period. Temperatures vary between the high 60s and high 80s, and there could be occasional rains.

April to June
Temperatures soar between the months of April and June, and the hotel room prices vary extensively. An important festival celebrated by the region in this period is Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

July to September
Hurricane season is in full flow in Tulum between the months of July and September. Hotel room prices drop drastically but there are hardly any takers. Apart from the very high temperatures during this period, Tulum also experiences bad storms accompanied by rains. The most important event celebrated in the region during this period is the Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16)

Is November The Best Time To Visit Cancun?

Cancun is a great destination all through the year. Any traveler coming to Cancun will not be ever short of fun or even educational activities to do in Cancun (like visiting Cancun Maya Museum). If you’re planning a Cancun vacation then you should plan comprehensively so that you and your family can enjoy Cancun thoroughly.

Going to Cancun in November is a good idea. November is perhaps the best time to visit Cancun as the weather is pleasant this time of the year. There is no rainfall, skies are clear and it’s not as crowded as it is during the Christmas, New Year and Spring Break. You won’t be witnessing any crowds in November.

Read this Press Release. It has been suggested that apart from the nightclubs, beaches and golfing, “Dolphin encounters are available for travelers looking to be able to swim with them, and for vacationers looking to enjoy sea creatures without getting wet there is the Cancun Interactive Aquarium. At the Aquarium guests will enjoy plenty of interactive experiences

How’s Akumal weather in May?

Akumal has a warm tropical climate which is hot and humid. In summers the temperature can soar really high. From June till August, rainfall happens mostly late in the afternoon or early evening.

Akumal weather in June – Hurricane season begins from June and lasts till October. March and April are generally the driest months and July is drier and more predictable than August. Trade winds help keep coastal areas cooler, while interior jungle regions are more humid with higher temperatures.

This photo of Akumal Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This photo of Akumal Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Despite varied weather conditions visitors come to this destination. One such visitor has planned a trip in the month of May and wants to know about the weather conditions in Akumal in May. The query was posted on Tripadvisor.com. He is also interested in knowing whether they should carry their own snorkeling kit or hire one.

Fellow travelers suggested that the temperature is very pleasant in the month of May. The days are warm and pleasant nights. The sea and pool water also remain warm. During this time the resorts are also moderately filled and not crowded at all. Infact it is a perfect time to visit.

Coming to snorkeling gear it is advisable to carry one’s own for hygiene purpose. Also the ones available on rent might not fit well hence cause discomfort. Therefore for a seamless snorkeling experience it is best to avoid rented kit.

This photo of Akumal Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor