Travel Akumal Bay And Tulum In One Day


Tripadvisor – the popular travel website got flooded with queries regarding Tulum and Akumal Bay. Can they be covered in a single day or not. Read on to know more…

Want to visit both of these amazing places in one day? It’s not you alone who wants to do that, there are many tourists who are thinking the same. First starting off with Akumal and do snorkelling and see some turtles in the morning as the later in the day the more likely choppy water. Spend until mid day and go to Tulum. You know what, it’s absolutely doable and depends on how much time you wish to devote to Tulum. You should be able to catch a collectivo heading to Tulum from Akumal. Just be aware that if you are planning on traveling only by collectivo, there will be quite a bit of walking involved from the highway. You get off on the highway and you are right there where they sell the tickets to their little “train” for super cheap and its a few minutes ride to the entrance. But be aware because by the time you may reach Tulum, it will be hot.

Otherwise you can try the other way round. Take the colectivo to the ruins first in the morning before it gets too hot and it is right off the highway and later go to Akumal for snorkelling and lunch. Now to figure out the best option and transportation and if you don’t want to spend all your money on Taxi’s which seems to be easy to do there, get a collective to take you around. You can also check prices with one of the private transfer companies – likely less as Canada Transfers, AGI Transfers and USA Transfers. In the Akumal area, many great places to go and eat.

So, plan accordingly and pack some essentials and get ready to explore the serene blue water and Mayan ruins together.

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