Usage of traveler’s cheques in Akumal

Tourists generally don’t prefer travelling with much cash these days. Having a lot of cash always attracts unwanted trouble. Also it is like a burden because one has to remain alert all the time. It makes it difficult for tourists to relax as they have to keep a watch on their money. Modern inventions like cheques and ATM’s have eased the tourists from these hassles. However it is to be remembered that technologies turn obsolete in no time. Hence it is best to be upgraded and be informed all the time.

One tourist wants to know whether traveler’s cheque is acceptable while traveling to Akumal. To answer him fellow travelers voiced their experience on the travel site, tripadvisor. They stated the following:

  • Traveler cheques were in use previously but now it is not easy to get it exchanged even in banks.
  • In case some resorts or hotels still uses them, one should check beforehand.
  • The ATM’s of the region can be used seamlessly.
  • US dollars are accepted in the tourist zones only.
  • It is best to carry pesos to save one from any kind of hassle.
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