Using a taxi to Chichen Itza from Grand Bahia Principe

With so much to see in Mexico  one would always prefer the best way to do so. There are many options ranging from organized tours to hiring taxing to even renting cars. Visitors with their specific needs and budgets avail the options best suiting them.
Chichen Itza Photos
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One such visitor who is not very keen on availing organized tours wants to know about alternate options. They want to explore the ruins of Chichen Itza and hence hire a taxi from Grand Bahia Principe.

The query was posted on TripAdvisor site inquiring about the idea. Almost all fellow commentators are against this plan as they believe that taxi would be too small and uncomfortable to undertake such a long drive. They should look out for cars as the comfort level will be higher. There are various rental car services available. One can choose from luxury services to regular suiting the budget. Tour buses are also a good option. They may take bit longer but are comfortable. In all there are many options to have a memorable vacation.

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