What are the first things you may want to do when you arrive at Cancun airport?

It’s not just for spring-breakers. Cancun, with its splendid golden beaches and perfect climate, is the top-notch holiday haven in Mexico.

Most major airlines, such as Aeromexico, British Airways, Air France and US Airways have direct flights to Cancun. So if you are planning a vacation in Cancun, getting hold of economical airfares may not be difficult. Once that is done, you’re all set to take-off to this intoxicating city!

Here’s a quick checklist of things-to-do once you arrive at Cancun International Airport:

1. Collect your baggage from the airport. Make sure you do not miss out on any piece of baggage that you had checked in at the time of boarding the flight.

2. Ensure that the children travelling with you do not go out of your sight.

3. If you have not pre-arranged for an airport pick-up and booked your hotel stay in advance, you need to head to the travel agency desk at the airport where you will be able to rent a car and drive yourself to the hotel or use one of the airport’s authorized transport services. It is always advisable, though, to book your hotel and activities in advance.

4. In order to prevent time zone mess-ups, reset the date and time on your watch, mobile phones and laptop.

5. Nothing ruins an otherwise excellent holiday like bad weather. It is very important to check long-term weather forecasts for Cancun so you can plan your activities accordingly.

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