What makes certain Akumal beaches restricted for public?

Akumal with its picturesque setting and gorgeous waters is indeed a piece of paradise on earth. There are many spectacular spots which are bound to make one spellbound. Although most of the beaches are public in the country yet it is better to have a fair idea of the beaches which fall under the administration of resorts to avoid any unwanted trouble.

One such vacationer wants to know whether one has to be a guest of a particular resort to access the beach. To throw light on the provision of beach accessibility fellow travelers have listed their knowledge on it on the travel website, tripadvisor.

They agree that the beaches of  Akumal and in Mexico are indeed public property but some are controlled by the hotels or resorts. Most of such resorts are adult only resorts with activities which are suitable for certain age of people. This is done to respect the privacy of the guests and save others from embarrassment arising out of ignorance. Hence it is advised to have a fair deal of knowledge regarding the type of resorts and the beaches in Mexico.

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